The 2020 Pop Girl Gift Guide

The 2020 Pop Girl Gift Guide

by Shaad D'Souza

It's a truth universally acknowledged that shopping for Christmas presents is, generally, the absolute pits. Finding the right present is never easy, and everything in-store usually seems to be either sold out, too expensive or too tacky.

Add to that the ongoing pandemic, and it all just seems a little too much. Have no fear: we've put together a gift guide to satisfy every kind of pop stan who may be in your life, from the fashion-forward Charli XCX fan to the Charli XCX fan who gets cold a lot, and everyone in-between. It's the pop girl gift guide!

For the pop girl who’s always thirsty… 

...Billie Eilish glow-in-the-dark drink bottle, $20

Good hydration has never been more important than in the pandemic, when our immune systems could be targeted at any moment and we're sweating out valuable water because of extra mask heat. (Maybe! I'm not a doctor.) This radioactive green glow-in-the-dark drink bottle is perfect for the friend who wants to make sure they get in their half a gallon every day, and, given its glow-in-the-dark capability, might just save them some money on lighting, too. Who doesn't love a two-in-one gift?

For the pop girl who’s also a fashion girl… 

...Dresses, fleeces and puffers by Charli XCX favorite Sandy Liang, $30+

It's no secret that Charli XCX is one of the best dressed pop stars currently working. Some of her best styling choices involve simple, but distinctive, items from NYC-based designer Sandy Liang, whose dresses and puffers make a statement without overwhelming (shout outs to Charli's stylist, Mindy Le Brock.) If you're feeling particularly generous this year, there's pretty much no gift better than a little Sandy.

For pop girl slash aspiring writer… 

...Megan Thee Stallion pen and notepad set, $18

Though I personally never do it, some say that writing by hand is a long-lost art. For the person in your life attempting to either bring that art back or become a writer, look no further than Megan Thee Stallion's Good News-themed stationery range, which includes a ruled notebook and pens. There's little "news" as "good" as finding out you've got these under the tree.

For the pop girl experimenting with punk… 

...Miley Cyrus "Eat Shit" t-shirt, $30

Did you hear? Miley's gone rock, and she's not doing it by halves. Timed with the release of her new album Plastic Hearts, Miley has released a new t-shirt featuring a painting of herself emblazoned with the words "EAT SHIT." It's honestly extremely epic and isn't instantly identifiable as music merch, which can be a positive. This tee also fits into the next category…

For the pop girl who wants to freak out the family Zoom call… 

...Cardi B "WAP" Christmas sweater, $75

Does your grandmother know what a "WAP" is? Would she like to? Whether she does or not, perhaps this Cardi B Christmas sweater, which features the acronym "WAP" on one side and the words "Extra Large, Extra Hard" around a candy cane, might be just the item to trigger that conversation!

For the pop girl without a streaming subscription… 

...Fiona Apple Deluxe CD Mediabook, $34.98

There's something wonderfully charming about the fact that the most expensive, tricked-out version of Fiona Apple's 2020 opus Fetch The Bolt Cutters is not on vinyl, but deluxe CD mediabook. It's also perfect for anyone who either can't use Spotify or is boycotting it for political reasons. Fetch the CD players!

For the pop girl who's an ordinary superstar… 

...At-home hair bleaching kit and an inspo photo of Rina Sawayama, $12.99

There are few pandemic lockdown activities more fun than bleaching and dyeing one's own hair, and who better to take inspiration from than the queen of changing hair colors, Rina Sawayama? Print out a few of Rina's most iconic colors, buy a few boxes of Manic Panic, and give a friend the popstar 'do of their dreams.

For the casual poet laureate pop girl… 

...Realisation Par 'The Alba' dress in Rosalita, $240

On their off days, literary-leaning celebrities like Lorde and Emily Ratajkowski have been seen wearing this chic, vaguely old-timey dress from Realisation Par. It would seem that "The Alba" dress is the go-to of pop's more sophisticated class, and who are we to disagree?

For the pop girl with awful hygiene… 

...Lady Gaga 'Chromatica' soap bar, $15

Lady Gaga has made Chromaticasoap. Why? Who knows. More importantly, who cares? It's weird and it's hygienic — two things we could all use a little more of at the moment.

For the hyperpop girl who gets cold a lot.... 

...Charli XCX 'XCX World' scarf, $40

When Charli's not snapping necks, she's doing her bit and warming them, through the release of her new XCX World scarf. Intricate and brightly-colored in the style of recent scarves by Gosha Rubchinskiy and Stella McCartney, it's the accessory favored by pop futurists everywhere.

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