Heron Preston's Next Act? The World of Gaming

Heron Preston's Next Act? The World of Gaming

by Aaron Royce

Fashion designer Heron Preston is adding another role to his resume. The streetwear pioneer and DJ, known for his industrial designs and signature orange hue, is now the Executive Brand Advisor for Gen.G Esports.

By hiring Preston, Gen.G aims to grow its global presence in communities like music and fashion, which the creative is renowned for reinventing.

"We're getting started on some exciting projects together; it's been refreshing to work with someone who is so hands-on and really wants to understand the players' stories to figure out the best way to represent our gaming community," Gen.G's VP of Brand Gina Chung Lee said in a statement.

The San Francisco-born designer, who regularly shows at Paris Fashion Week, is a seasoned collaborator. His past projects include a range of designer dogwear, futuristic Uggs, and a NASA capsule collection. Gaming is yet another field that will surely benefit from Preston's creative touch.

At EBA, Preston will further Gen.G's gaming creativity. This includes advising for the brand's special projects, like a limited-edition League of Legends capsule collection.

Gaming seems a far cry from fashion, but Preston sees the partnership as an organic extension of his and Gen.G's shared values. It doesn't hurt that technology is one of the designer's main inspirations, either.

"I'm really excited about this role with Gen.G," Preston said. "I am looking forward to exploring new territory with Gen.G; their inclusive, innovative, relevant and educationally-driven approach to gaming really resonates with what matters most to me."

Gen.G's teams are leaders in the Chinese, South Korean and US esports markets. While Preston's long-term projects are under wraps, it's inevitable this role will elevate his brand on an even larger global scale. Prepare for esports to get a hypebeast makeover.

Photo courtesy of Gen.G