Heron Preston Propels His NASA Collab Into the Stratosphere

Heron Preston Propels His NASA Collab Into the Stratosphere

Heron Preston, the New York-based DJ, artist, and menswear designer known as a master of the au courant streetwear meets workwear aesthetic, collaborated with NASA on range of outerwear, t-shirts, and accessories in his fall 2018 collection. Just as the capsule hit stores and e-retailers, Preston unveiled a short film titled Above theCloudsabout its very literal launch.

Pieces from Preston's NASA collection.

Directed by the designer and filmmaker David Laven, the footage chronicles the six-month process of creating the 31-piece capsule that led up to its principal styles—a white parka and baseball cap—being propelled 32 miles above the Earth's surface. While peculiar, the exercise displays the collection's technical capabilities. Crafted in accordance with strict NASA standards, Preston's 3M nylon jackets are inspired by the outer shell of astronauts' uniforms. Emblazoned with American flag patches and NASA's retired 1976 "Worm" logo, the collection's bright red, cobalt, heather grey, and white utility-focused pieces put space age nostalgia in a contemporary context.

Watch the full-length version of Above theClouds, below.

Images Courtesy of Heron Preston