Harry Styles' Ass Makes a Cameo in New Gay Romance Film
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Harry Styles' Ass Makes a Cameo in New Gay Romance Film

by Hedy Phillips

Harry Styles is a man with range. The “Watermelon Sugar” singer may have made his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s intense war drama Dunkirk in 2017 before dipping a toe into the Marvel universe last year with Eternals, but now Styles is taking his turn with other genres. Styles has two films coming out this year: the thrilling Don’t Worry Darling, which stars Florence Pugh and arrives in September, and the romantic My Policeman, the Amazon Prime Video project based on a book of the same name.

My Policeman, which also stars Emma Corrin and David Dawson, just had its first screening on March 7 in San Diego, and despite viewers most likely being asked to keep their lips zipped about the movie, they’ve instead shared several spoilers about what to expect — including details of Styles’ performance.

At the heart of the story, which takes place in the '50s, is a love triangle among the three characters. Styles plays Tom, a gay man who can’t freely live his life. He’s in love with Patrick (Dawson) but marries Marion (Corrin), placing all three in a tumultuous love affair that can’t fulfill any of them. And while Styles’ fans will just about always praise his performance, those at the screening are calling this one particularly well-done.

But lest you think fans are only talking about how beautiful Styles’ performance is, that is not all! Oh, that is far from all they’re talking about. Because apparently this heartbreaking drama about forbidden love also involves its fair share of love scenes — as to be expected.

We previously heard that Styles would be engaged in sex scenes in the film, with nudity promised, but it sounds like the movie isn’t quite as salacious as some wanted us to believe. Apparently, though, Styles’ beautiful British bum is on display, which is a bit of a departure from his other roles. Alas, he is a man dedicated to his craft. Let’s not forget he posed nude on the vinyl poster for his second album, Fine Line, all in the name of his art. It’s just skin, and Styles is comfortable enough in his to show it off.

It’s unclear how long the rest of us will have to wait to see Styles in My Policeman, as the film does not yet have a release date. When it is available, though, it will be on Amazon Prime Video. Styles’ other movie for this year, the Olivia Wilde-directed Don’t Worry Darling, is set to be released on September 23.

In the meantime, Styles will headline Coachella in April — his first appearance in the desert — and set out on a tour of the UK and Europe. And because he never seems to slow down, he’s also rumored to be releasing his new album in the coming months. Styles fans stay well fed, that’s for sure.

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