Harry Styles Has Joined the MCU

Harry Styles Has Joined the MCU

Just about everyone joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sooner than later. Even you reading this will probably get a call asking to be a minion of a galaxy-conquering overlord with shades of human tendencies in an upcoming Marvel movie.

The latest celebrity to join the MCE is Harry Styles, who the New York Post reports has been introduced as a character in upcoming Marvel film, The Eternals. The singer plays Eros, brother of supervillain Thanos who, quite literally, snapped away half the universe.

Variety's Matt Donnelly first announced the news on Twitter after attending a premiere for the movie. "Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere — Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos," he wrote.

Does this mean Styles will get the signature purple treatment that Thanos actor Josh Brolin received? Probably not. Eros, created by Jim Starlin and Mike Freiderich in 1973, looks much more human than his sibling — even if he's not.

If you're expecting this all to mean Styles will suddenly become a villain in the series, he reportedly doesn't even appear until a post-credits scene. But that doesn't even matter — Eros is a good guy anyway. He serves as the superhero Starbox and was at one point a member of the Avengers. So if anything, Thanos should be afraid of him.

Styles' surprise new role is his second major one, following his appearance in 2017's gritty war film, Dunkirk. Next year, Styles is set to appear in the thriller Don't Worry Darling that is directed by his current romantic flame, actress Olivia Wilde.

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