Harry Styles Says There Will Be 'No Peen' in His Nude Scenes

Harry Styles Says There Will Be 'No Peen' in His Nude Scenes

Looks like you'll have to settle for Harry Styles' butt.

Last year, it was announced that the "Watermelon Sugar" singer had been cast as the lead in the Amazon Studios' adaptation of Bethan Roberts' My Policeman. The film, which takes place in 1950s England, sees Styles playing a cop trapped in a love triangle between his wife Marion (Emma Corrin) and his lover Patrick (Dean Dawson), with initial reports stating that Styles would have some sex scenes featuring his bum. According to Styles though, his backside is all we're going to see — a.k.a. "no peen."

In a new interview for The Howard Stern Show, Styles talks about being naked in My Policeman, though he quickly clarified that there's "no peen in the final cut," seeing as how he didn't think "the peen was intended to be involved.” And apparently this was always going to be the case, per pre-production negotiations where the filmmakers agreed that his penis wouldn't be onscreen. Rather, it'd "remain [his] own."

After all, Styles went on to talk about how kissing someone on camera "felt like giving a part of myself away in some ways,” before discussing his experience with filming My Policeman's sex scenes, which required "a lot of trust" — especially if he wanted to "give it everything."

“I think the most important thing in that stuff is trust,” he said, while acknowledging that "acting is kind of very uncomfortable at times."

“[But] I think if you speak about it properly with everyone that’s involved [that helps]. If you remember that the most important thing on the set is the two human beings doing it," Styles explained. "If at any point either one of you is uncomfortable, I think having the conversation where it’s like, ‘It doesn’t matter if they’re getting great stuff, if you don’t feel good, you tell me and we’ll stop.’"

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