Fecal Matter Models Rick Owens

Fecal Matter Models Rick Owens

For fashion provocateurs Fecal Matter, self-expression is more important than it has ever been. With "all the darkness happening in the world," the creative duo — whose new "BROKEN" capsule collection is available now on Depop — says they've found themselves constantly fighting against inner demons.

"Day and night, the feeling of dullness surrounds us, making it hard to create and experience authentic joy," says Fecal Matter's Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran. "Isolation has really affected our work, but most importantly our spirits, as we know it has for so many others around us."

The two channeled these emotions into a new photo series, featuring Rick Owens' Spring 2021 "Phlegethon" collection. Named after a river in the Underworld of Greek mythology that boiled souls, Owens' hellish range offered an optimistic interpretation of the future in response to this year's grave adversity.

"Self-expression saved us when we started our journey as Fecal Matter and continues to do so during the pandemic," Fecal Matter says, underscoring Owens' hopeful attitude. "We want to remind and encourage anyone feeling down to never forget to see life as an opportunity to create and to express their authenticity."

Below, Fecal Matter models Rick Owens for PAPER.

Clothing and accessories: Rick Owens

Photography: Fecal Matter
Clothing and accessories: Rick Owens (Spring 2021 "Phlegethon" collection)
Hair: Fecal Matter
Makeup: Fecal Matter
Styling: Fecal Matter
Models: Fecal Matter