Rick Owens Gifts Ambulance to Italy's Emergency Services

Rick Owens Gifts Ambulance to Italy's Emergency Services

Rick Owens is in the holiday spirit. The renowned designer, known for being a kinder soul then his dark designs may suggest, has gifted an ambulance to the Italian emergency transportation organization service, Croce Blu.

Owens unveiled the new ambulance to creepy slasher sounds while wearing a ski mask, but the ambulance itself doesn’t share that same aesthetic. In fact, it’s just a regular ambulance — and to see the van, you’ll have to go where it’s stationed in Concordia Sulla Secchia in Modena.

Croce Blu is a volunteer-led urgent transportation system that brings ambulance, social services, dialysis and at-home health care to local citizens. Established in 1997, its services have been instrumental in fighting COVID in Italy — making Owens’ gift a direct offering to the people, as well.

"Our story is one of humanity towards others,” Croce Blu’s website says. “A determination to succeed where there seems to be no resources allocated, and – why not – a story of community volunteers.”

This isn’t the first time that Rick’s been in something of a giving mood. Last year, he launched a tour bus in collaboration with Moncler. For its release, Michèle Lamy took the bus on the road to Milan where she hosted a series of conversations in the vehicle.

“We took Moncler on our road,” she said at the time. “Following a flow of delicious attractions. Trying to make a living out of our disruptive imagination.”

Who knows what Owens will have planned for next Christmas? Move over, Santa.

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