Wear These Fecal Matter Boots to the Next Berghain Rave

Wear These Fecal Matter Boots to the Next Berghain Rave

by Ana Escalante

Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran have made headlines for their striking visuals across social media under the pseudonym @matieresfecales (AKA Fecal Matter). Now, the Montreal-based duo is teaming up with Berlin-based shoemaker Trippen to deliver the perfect club kid shoe for those post-pandemic raves.

Available in both thigh-high and ankle-cropped styles, the leather unisex boots are giving dominatrix vibes with e-girl chain detailing. A silver ring resembling a septum piercing is featured prominently at the front of the boots' toe box. Mirroring zori, or traditional Japanese sandals, the style also uses two platform heels to give the shoes some much-needed height.

Fecal Matter might be known for their stomp-on-me platforms even more than their avant-garde makeup looks and shaved heads, so this shoe collaboration was a no-brainer. The two styles play on themes of body modification through piercing the leather skin with industrial metal hardware and chain, while also offering Trippen's focus on comfort and sustainability.

"We are proud to collaborate with Trippen as we share similar values regarding freedom of expression and preserving independence from the chains of the system," the duo tells PAPER. "For a long time, we have admired the 'Happy Sole' by Trippen and how the design is gender free. Within our own platform, we strive to resist conformity and embody fearlessness through our gender expression and existence. Naturally, the 'Happy Sole' was a perfect design anchor to begin the creating process."

The collaboration isn't a first for the German brand, having previously worked with fashion juggernaut Iris van Herpen on footwear for her Sensory Seas collection for Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2020.

You can buy the Trippen x Fecal Matter collaboration on Trippen's website now.

Photos courtesy of Fecal Matter