Fecal Matter's Skin Gloves Will Protect You From Coronavirus

Fecal Matter's Skin Gloves Will Protect You From Coronavirus

Fecal Matter's otherworldly creations have long explored ideas around body modification. Its infamous skin heels — fleshy boots that blend into the wearer's legs complete with devilish horns — immediately come to mind. Now, Montreal-based brand has its sights set "skin gloves" that resemble human flesh.

"We've been working with a private rubber dolling company that has been manufacturing our Skin Gloves designs," said co-founders Dalton and Bhaskaran. "[They're] are also functionally useful during these times as they are made of silicon and totally washable. They really can help protect you from catching the virus."

Selling for $1,599, the opera-length gloves are custom-molded to fit your arms and are available in all skin tones. It features the brand's signature flesh horn and comes with optional overgrown nails.

Dalton and Bhaskaran originally wanted to debut the gloves with a fashion presentation in May, but the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to those plans. "Self-expression is a key part of our own happiness and survival," they said. "The fact of the matter is, we can't express ourselves and dress up anymore due to self-isolation. The motivation to serve a look was fading away and we saw so many people feel it also, that's why we think it's a good time to release the Skin Gloves."

They hope that these gloves will provide fantasy and inspiration during these dark times, adding that people can still be creative and have fun with fashion. "That's really also why we wanted to launch the skin gloves to hopefully inspire other people in our situation to keep creating and pushing the boundaries during these times," they said.

The Skin Gloves are available for pre-order on www.matieresfecales.com.

Photos courtesy of Fecal Matter