Fecal Matter Drops a Faithfully Extraterrestrial Collection on Depop

Fecal Matter Drops a Faithfully Extraterrestrial Collection on Depop

by Dylan Kelly

Canada-based design duo Fecal Matter — or Matières Fécales, if you'd like to go by the more elegant French translation of their name — are known to Instagram for their otherworldly style transformations, villainous accessorizing, and terrifyingly realistic makeup and hair looks. Now, the faces behind the brand, Hannah Rose Dalton and Steven Raj Bhaskaran, have released a full Spring 2021 collection in partnership with Depop, and it's just as menacing as fans would expect.

"We went deep into comparing our catholic religious upbringings with our current freedom of self in order to explore our perspective on spirituality," the designers said of the line's inspiration in a statement. "As young creatives, we are surrounded by so much skepticism and rejection of all that promotes conformity. Yet on the inside, we still yearn to believe in something greater than ourselves."

Each look in the collection — appropriately named "Faith of the Fallen" — fights between the visionaries' opposing ties to faith and their need for freedom. Juxtaposing religious symbolism with unapologetic expression, the range offers a selection of outlandish deconstructions of traditional spirituality.

Vegan leather nail chokers decorated with crucifix pendants toil with contrasting symbolism, while recycled sheepskin coats and bouncy, rose-hued tulle dresses embrace an aura of femininity. The color palette is explorative with gold, white and wine red predominantly controlling the collection, but it's still conservative enough to hold true to the religious archetypes that initially inspired the duo.

Elsewhere, body modification pieces, including skin boots and opera skin gloves with mutated horns, harken back to the label's notorious Instagram feed of extraterrestrial beauty. Original Mongolian fur designs and sensibly-cut mesh skirts echo the co-designers' knack for elevated tailoring, and cashmere flasher turtlenecks boast their affinity for high quality textiles.

"We are offering a wide range of price points that satisfy our loyal independent thinking clients and those who are just beginning to express themselves," said the duo. "Like everything we do, this collection is not for everybody but it does speak to those with an open mind. With a major backing and support by Depop, this collection will be available for order upon the launch."

Shop Fecal Matter's "Faith of the Fallen" collection on Depop.

Photos courtesy of Depop