Elon Musk Is Selling $500 Flamethrowers

Elon Musk Is Selling $500 Flamethrowers

Elon Musk has done a lot to make things that once felt like far off future fantasies a reality. He revolutionized online payment with Paypal, continues to make plans re: colonizing Mars and turned electric cars into a household name. Now, his latest venture involves selling a tool/toy/weapon you usually only think of in terms of sci-fi films or Saturday morning cartoons.

On Saturday, Musk posted a series of images and videos to his Instagram casually showing off his new $500 product: a flamethrower.

Pre-orders for the flamethrowers via Musk's Boring Company — a venture working toward creating underground tunnels to decrease traffic — originally started selling dad caps to make money, and has now moved onto flamethrowers. (The original proposition was that if they sold 50,000 hats, they'd start selling flamethrowers. Here we are). The unusual weapon/toy retails for $500, and are billed as "the world's safest flamethrower" that are "guaranteed to liven up any party."

Musk has been tweeting that the flamethrowers are ideal for a zombie-apocalypse situation. He def knows his audience:

As for the legality of flamethrowers, a 2015 CNN report says that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms doesn't regulate them because they're not technically considered guns, meaning there's no background check needed before purchasing one. If that doesn't make you uncomfortable, you're in the right country.

That being said, @ElonMusk, please send samples ASAP.