Dwayne Wade Blocks Comments to Protect Daughter Zaya's Mental Health

Dwayne Wade Blocks Comments to Protect Daughter Zaya's Mental Health

Dwayne Wade is doing his best to make sure his 15-year-old daughter feels a little safer online.

On Thursday, September 29, the three-time NBA champion responded to Twitter users wondering why they could no longer leave comments on Zaya Wade's Instagram page, explaining that he decided to restrict her page in an attempt to ward off transphobic trolls and protect her mental health.

"For Zaya's mental health and privacy we've decided not to allow the hate into her comments," Dwayne wrote in a retweet from a supportive fan, who asked him to "fix" Zaya's comments section. "Thank you for wanting to spread and show her love."

On the heels of his announcement, fans flocked to the replies to reaffirm and commend the father of four's decision, with one person saying that "this is how you parent," adding that "a lot of people could learn" from Dwayne about how to properly "safeguard their children."

"LOVE this protection for baby girl. I’m hope she knows she has a whole online community of support from a lot of us on here regardless," they continued, before another fan echoed this by stating, "and that's on prioritizing your child’s well-being."

The Twitter user added, "She doesn’t need our comments telling us she is non stop serving in every posted photo bc she has a solid, real support system at home and we love to see it."

That said, Dwayne's actions shouldn't come as much of a surprise, seeing as how he's consistently been one of Zaya's biggest cheerleaders since she came out as trans in 2020. From filing a request to legally change Zaya's name and gender to speaking out against the recent wave of anti-trans legislation, the 40-year-old has made it clear that he's her number one fan and protector — as he should be.

You can read Dwayne's tweet for yourself below.

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