To say that crystals have arrived is an understatement. Like excessively drinking water and green juices, the potentially problematic have become the latest wellness craze that you can be openly obsessed with without being considered crazy.

Which is where Max & Vera come in. Their belief is that crystals should stay on you at all times, and what's the easiest way to ensure the safety of your crystal while refraining from being too extra with it (not everyone wants a rose quartz pendant)? Put the crystals in your undergarments.

The brand sews crystals into bralettes so you can deflect any negativity that might come your way on a daily basis. The idea served as a solution to the fact the crystals kept falling out of Max & Vera founder Megan McCulloch's bra: "When I would get home, as soon as I unhinged my bra, they would fly across the room! And sometimes break," she told Vogue.

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Also, wearing crystals in such an area could see you get lucky. "By wearing these stones near your heart chakra, you are open to love more deeply & live from the heart," the Max & Vera website reads. "Each crystal contains a different energy to promote health & balance."

McCulloch also revealed the lingerie label's plans for the future: crystal-adorned panties. We wait with bated breath, but in the meantime, Spencer Pratt, please weigh in.

Images courtesy of Max & Vera

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