Ciberpony Wants To Get Weirder

Ciberpony Wants To Get Weirder

By Erica CampbellMay 31, 2024

Ciberpony describes their sound as sexual, hardcore, weird and sometimes disgusting. “I like to play with dehumanization and sexuality,” they tell PAPER. “[My projects] provoke fear, but curiosity. And on my music, I like to sound hardcore but sexy at the same time. Both are bittersweet. I think they are like a fetish: you like it, but it feels strange or wrong to like it."

Now, the model and DJ is set to share their enigmatic sets online, taking what they once felt should be strictly an “experience you have to live” to the digital masses. “I think it's time for everyone to be able to enjoy my noise without me being present,” they say. “Also, I have some performances and visual projects that I can't wait to show.”

With a forking tongue, a litany of silver piercings ornamenting their face, a penchant for clothing that lives between risqué and extraterrestrial (like this daring my little pony fit) and a list of inspiration that includes "horses, furries, cyborgs and prostitutes,” Ciberpony is no stranger to being described as, well, strange.

"When you see my aesthetic, it's common to think that I'm rude, dark, hard, unfriendly,” they say. “But when you get to know my personality and listen to my voice, people are shocked because it's the exact opposite. My music is very hardcore, but if you listen to it, it has a cute and funny background. I think that when people get to know me and discover what type of music I play, their mind goes, 'Oh, that absolutely makes sense.'"

In fact, the sweet connection with their friends is what keeps bringing them back to the tables: "It's clingy, but seeing my friends dance with me and the music I play makes me so happy," they add.

“I am made by everything I think, everything I like and everything that happened to me,” Ciberpony explains when asked about how they arrived at this project. “These three things are connected: I was a weird, sad child and letting me be weirder is something what makes me and the people who follow my project, happy."

They continue, "I love leaving people who discover me or support me with a bittersweet taste. I like that they are not sure if what they have seen has pleased them or bothered them. Above all, what I think I provoke the most is curiosity. I like to think that I get people to think about me a little longer."

If provoking curiosity and conversation is Ciberpony’s goal, consider that mission accomplished.

Creative direction, photography and editing: Nicolas Zambrano
Styling: Ciberpony
Makeup: Noah
Photo assistant: Iris Nayibe Lastra