The talent is dropping by Saturday Night Live this weekend. Chadwick Boseman will host the beloved live comedy show, and Cardi B is the musical guest. If you needed a reason to stay in this Saturday night, here it is!

In the promo spot below, the King of Wakanda and the pride of the Bronx are joined by our hero, Leslie Jones. Boseman's cool sensibility is complemented by Cardi and Jones, who jazz up the hilarity in their signature ways. Cardi makes her angelic trilling noises and flashes that megawatt smile, wearing a blonde beehive. "Hello, Leslie Jones and Black Panther!" she says. "Uh, my name is Chadwick," says Boseman, and Jones interjects with "your name is whatever she calls you!" Frankly, Cardi has earned the right to call us whatever she wants — her debut album Invasion of Privacy has already been certified gold, has already been certified gold, and it's been out for one day. Cardi B: smashing records and making us laugh, it's all in her day's work.

As much as we love Boseman (and trust us, it's a lot of love), we have a feeling that Cardi is going to steal the show. Remember the last time she was on live late-night TV? That's right, even Jimmy Fallon couldn't resist her charms. Saturday Night Live airs on April 7 on NBC at 11:30pm/10:30 CST. Peep the promo spot below.

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