Everything You Need to Know About Byredo Makeup

Everything You Need to Know About Byredo Makeup

by Ioli Baltas

Cult scent favorite Byredo is coming for our wallets, yet again. Last month, the fragrance brand announced its latest collection: Byredo Makeup, a collaboration between founder Ben Gorham and iconic makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench.

Up until now, details regarding the launch were kept pretty under wraps, leaving our imaginations running wild with only this art teaser created by Jesse Kanda and a promised release date to go off of.

Finally — we get to see the full ranged product line, pictured in all its futuristic glory. The initial drop will offer classic items: mascara, lip balm, eyeliner and lipstick. Following the striking design (and undoubtedly scent) of these pieces, the collection will also include the Colour Stick, a lightweight multi-stick product that can be used on the eyes, lips and cheeks.

"I am very happy for the possibilities of self-expression through the collection — of its possibilities overall," Gorham explains of the collection, which has been two years in the making. "It's about how you combine it, however little or however much. We wanted much of the approach to the makeup — both wearing and making — to be instinctive."

Ffrench followed up by saying that they didn't want the line to be "too conformist or precious," but rather allow for more user creativity: "I do not want to tell people how to wear cosmetics, but to inspire them." The shape and style of the pieces themselves are even inspired by ancient objects and relics that take on a modernist approach.

The first drop of Byredo Makeup will be on October 1, following with a secondary drop in November which will include five Colour Eyeshadows, each palette including five powders in three finishes: matte, metallic and ultra-glitter.

Photo via Getty/ Oliver Hadlee Pearch for H&M