Brooklyn Museum Hosts 'Abortion Stories' on Roe v Wade Day

Brooklyn Museum Hosts 'Abortion Stories' on Roe v Wade Day

As Roe v Wade Day approaches, things feel different from years prior. Over six months since the Supreme Court's decision to overturn the landmark decision and rescind the protections of abortion under the 14th Amendment right to privacy, the commemorative holiday has a new urgency.

Cassandra Neyenesch and Carolina Franco heeded the call following the summer Supreme Court decision and began Abortion Stories: An Interactive Arts Festival. The event is an iteration of pre-Roe Abortion Stories, a storytelling and abortion rights movement in which Neyenesch’s mother was prominent.

Abortion Stories USA BK, initiated by Rebecca Goyette, celebrates the bodily autonomy of women and queer trans people by creating space for first-person narratives about abortion and reproductive injustice.

Building on the heritage of Abortion Stories, Brooklyn Museum will host Goyette, Neyenesch and Franco alongside Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter, Wildcat Ebony Brown, Christen Clifford, Carolina Franco, Amy Khoshbin and Lydia Nobles for “50 Years since Roe: A convening on Reproductive Justice” on Sunday, January 22, the first annual Roe v Wade Day since the Supreme Court ruling.

The show invites attendees to share their abortion stories, creating healing, safety and community from the isolating experience of undergoing an abortion.

The nature of the show is as a “tool for community-building, healing and transforming public opinion,” according to a statement shared with hybebae.

As attendees tell their stories, their voices will bring the space to life, forging powerful relationships between art and action. The art on display includes sculptures and artwork and honors the practice of storytelling and listening as its own medium.

The Abortion Stories: An Interactive Arts Festival at Brooklyn Museum coincides with the opening weekend of Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter: Ain’t I a Woman for an intersectional exploration of reproductive justice, prison abolition, Black women’s fight for bodily autonomy and the legacy of Roe.

Tickets to the event are available for purchase here.

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