Britney Spears Answers Fan Questions: 'Am I Okay?'

Britney Spears Answers Fan Questions: 'Am I Okay?'

Britney Spears is reassuring fans that despite everything that's happened and all the drama surrounding her conservatorship, she's doing okay. The pop superstar took to Instagram on Friday to answer some questions she's been getting from her followers, including how she's really doing these days.

Britney started off on a light note, answering a fan question about whether she gets dizzy spinning in her living room all the time, as seen in the dance videos she posts on social media. She said, "Yes, I get extremely dizzy but I'm a dancer so as long as I have a focus point for my head, as I turn as long as I keep finding that spot, usually in the end it's not as bad."

She then addressed the photo of a random red fridge she posted on Instagram last month. "Honestly I just thought it was cool," she shared. "I thought it was vintage, it was red and just really cool."

And finally, the 39-year-old artist gets to a question that a lot of people have definitely been wondering about: Is she okay? "Am I okay? Yes, I'm totally fine. I'm extremely happy, I have a beautiful home, beautiful children." She added, "I'm taking a break right now because I'm enjoying myself."

Britney also mentioned in the caption that she took the video before going to Malibu on a whim, trying to spend time with her boyfriend Sam Asghari before the paparazzi showed up.

Photo via BFA