Britney Spears Chooses 'Happiness' and Deletes Instagram

Britney Spears Chooses 'Happiness' and Deletes Instagram

by Justine Fisher

Although Britney Spears’ eccentric Instagram fueled the early days of the #FreeBritney movement — even inspiring an investigative podcast — the pop star just deleted her account.

After posting a teaser of her forthcoming single “Hold Me Closer” featuring Elton John on Instagram, Spears left the app and shifted quickly to Twitter, an account she had retired since June. While Spears mostly expressed excitement for the Friday release of her collaboration with the Rocket Man in the thread, she also alluded to her exit from Instagram, writing, “I choose happiness today.”

For the 40-year-old pop star who was freed from her conservatorship in Nov. 2021, “Hold Me Closer” ushers in a new era for Spears after six years without releasing music. Mentioning her journey to forgive herself and others for the pain she endured, Spears wrote “I’m kinda overwhelmed … it’s a big deal to me,” referring to her comeback single with John, whom she called, “one of the most classic men of our time.”

Spears’ final Instagram post was a similarly positive celebration of the song. After John first announced the August 26 release date via Instagram alongside each of their adorable baby pictures, Spears offered the first snippet of “Hold Me Closer” in a since-deleted post.

Opening with a verse from John’s “The One,” the two transition into a rendition of his classic “Tiny Dancer” over a club-inspired beat in the teaser that had John and Spears fans pumped. Even more thrilled was Britney herself who wrote, “Since most say they are honored TO KNOW ME SO WELL and only want happiness for me... you can bet your bottom dollar that THIS collaboration will heighten my year by joining your brilliant hands of play,” according to Billboard.

Ultimately, while we will no longer be privy to Spears’ homemade dance videos and inspirational messages on Instagram, she is offering us something even better tomorrow. “Hold Me Closer” might just be the collab of the century.

Photo courtesy of Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock