Why Do People Keep Asking If Britney Spears Is OK?

Why Do People Keep Asking If Britney Spears Is OK?

by Hedy Philips

Britney Spears loves a naked photo. The pop star has been posting them left and right on Instagram, and for the most part, her fans are totally here for it.

However, these nudes with her hands and emojis strategically placed have others questioning if Spears is OK, especially in light of her conservatorship ending and her finally finding freedom. Her posts also have people constantly comparing her to other celebs who have taken it all off for professional photo shoots — slamming Spears, all while praising the others. So what is up?

Though this discussion has been alive and well for a while now, it was reinvigorated this week when Hilary Duff’s nude cover for Women’s Health dropped. The Lizzie McGuire star went au naturel for the photo shoot, speaking on loving her body and feeling empowered. But with this new collection of photos came new comparison to Spears. Both women were trending on Twitter this week for the same reason, but with different takes.

One person succinctly pointed out, “When it comes to Britney there are always a whole different set of rules than with other celebs.” Another person shared side-by-side screenshots of the comments on Duff’s cover on Instagram with Spears’ most recent nude photos to show how vastly different they are. They wrote, “People are so brainwashed by social media that they think nudity is wrong unless you've hired a photographer and glam team.”

While people are praising Duff for her nude photos, they’re questioning Spears’ sanity, constantly commenting to ask if she’s OK. She’s also drawn comparisons to Kim Kardashian, who is famously fond of posting photos in various stages of dress on social media.

Specifically one person called out Kardashian’s PAPER cover story from 2014, placing one of her nudes side by side with one of Spears. “So Kim Kardashian can do this but Britney Spears can’t? And you all wanna call her crazy when she is doing the same thing all the other girls are doing? Make it make sense,” they wrote.

Spears clearly loves being nude and feels comfortable in her body — like plenty of others. If we’re going to praise the likes of Duff or Kardashian for celebrating their bodies, then we should be doing the same for Spears. She looks damn good, OK?

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