Catholic Church Denies Britney Spears' Wedding Refusal Claim

Catholic Church Denies Britney Spears' Wedding Refusal Claim

St. Monica Catholic Church says it doesn't have anything against Britney Spears.

Earlier this week, the pop icon took to her Instagram to call out the Santa Monica, Calif. church for allegedly refusing to host her wedding to now-husband Sam Asghari, writing that they weren't allowed to hold the ceremony there due to the fact that she isn't Catholic.

"This is where I originally wanted to get married during COVID !!!!,” Spears wrote alongside a photo of another couple's wedding ceremony inside the church.

"I wanted to go every Sunday," she continued, before adding that her plans to visit the "beautiful" church were derailed when the staff told her "it was temporarily shut down due to COVID." But according to the "Piece of Me" singer, she still wasn't able to secure it as a venue even once it reopened.

"Then 2 years later when I wanted to get married there they said I had to be catholic and go through TEST," Spears continued, referencing her Baptist upbringing and previous practice of Kabbalah.

She concluded, "Isn't church supposed to be open to all???"

That said, Spears did eventually end up marrying Asghari in early June at her Thousand Oaks mansion. But even so, a representative for the St. Monica Catholic Church still refuted the star's claim in a statement to TMZ, saying that there was no record of Spears ever coming by or asking to hold her wedding there. The outlet also reported that Spears was not the one who took the photo she uploaded to Instagram. In fact, the spokesperson also stated that she was not present for the wedding in question, as it was supposedly taken from a live stream.

Spears has since deleted the post, though she has yet to respond to the church's statement. In the meantime though, you can read what the St. Monica Catholic Church has to say via TMZ here.

Photo via Getty / Kevin Winter