Britney Spears Accuses Catholic Church of Calling Her a 'Liar'

Britney Spears Accuses Catholic Church of Calling Her a 'Liar'

Britney Spears is calling out St. Monica Catholic Church once again.

Last week, the pop icon took to her Instagram in a since-deleted post to claim that the Santa Monica, Calif. church denied the Baptist-raised singer's request to let her marry now-husband Sam Asghari on the premises, alleging that the house of worship denied her because "I had to be catholic and go through TEST."

"This is where I originally wanted to get married during COVID !!!!,” Spears captioned a photo of another couple's nuptials inside the church, while asking, "Isn't church supposed to be open to all???"

In response to her post, a spokesperson for St. Monica Catholic Church told TMZ that there was no record of Spears ever asking them about hosting her wedding. Not only that, but they also went on to say that the photo she uploaded was taken from a live streamed ceremony, as Spears never visited the church grounds.

However, Spears has since clarified her initial claim in a new Instagram post, saying that she told her "extremely expensive" wedding planner that her "first request was to get married" at the church.

“There was a lot of backlash saying I never asked to get married at the church I pictured … I’m writing this because the church said I never asked,” she began, before explaining that the livestream snap "was the only picture I had," which she then "sent to him through my phone at my house."

"I was told 6 weeks later … I could not get married there !!!," Spears continued, reiterating that "during the 2 years of Covid, I also wanted to go there [but] was told no due to the pandemic …" And if her conclusion was any indication, she also didn't appreciate St. Monica's statement in the slightest, adding, "It’s not a big deal, but I don’t like being called a liar when their church says I never asked !!!”

St. Monica Catholic Church has yet to respond to Spears. In the meantime, read her entire Instagram post about the issue below.

Photo via Getty / Kevin Winter