14 Haus Labs Products to Get Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Glam
Born This Way

14 Haus Labs Products to Get Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Glam


It's been 10 years since Lady Gaga gave birth to Born This Way , her Grammy-nominated and chart-topping second album full of queer dancefloor anthems, iconic visuals and boundary-pushing live performances. PAPER is celebrating its cultural impact by hearing from some of Gaga's closest collaborators, experts and fans.

Lady Gaga's Born This Way era had — in my opinion — some of her strongest makeup moments. She gave us everything: Full throttle liners, vixen lips, sultry shadows and more. When Gaga then launched Haus Labs , this same rebellious spirit carried over into her beauty line.

Below, we break down some of our favorite looks from her Born This Way era, featuring 14 shoppable Haus Labs products to achieve Gaga's glam. Grab your pencils, girls, gays and theys, because it's time to take notes — and watch my latest SNATCHURAL video with Patrick Starrr .

"Born This Way" Album Art

Tbh, this is my favorite Born This Way look photographed by Nick Knight . I love a red lip on Gaga (and clearly she does too). I think it really brings out her features so beautifully. The bleached out brow paired with this bold black shadow is... chef's kiss . I truly think Gaga was ahead of her time with the geometric liner and bold shadows. It's giving e-girl, but make it high-fashion. The faux beauty mark really adds to this look. Obsessed. Shop Haus Labs, below.

"Yoü and I"

This soft nude lip paired with a deeper rose liner on Gaga is so stunning and really draws us to her eyes. She's also rocking a bleached brow, which is all the craze right now, and it makes her eyes pop. She topped her lid with a smudged glitter shadow... we love to see it. Shop Haus Labs, below.


Another graphic liner moment that I'm obsessed with! I love the super sculpted contour used for this look paired with a warm red lip. Gaga has a sharp brow with a wing at the end going downwards — super edgy and chic. Shop Haus Labs, below.

"Edge of Glory"

Okay, so Gaga clearly loves her red lips and bold graphic liners! However, for this scene from the video she's kept her signature under eye liner look, but made the line thicker. For her lid, she has a smudged — but still thick and sharp — black shadow paired with a heavy lash. Of course, she tops it off with her iconic red lip. Shop Haus Labs, below.

"Born This Way"

This one is truly iconic. I love the bleached out brow paired with this smudged black shadow. Notice how unlike the previous makeup looks, the edges of her eyeshadow here are softly feathered, but still keep that bold effect. The true star of the show though are these prosthetic pieces in her forehead and cheekbones. They really pop and contribute to this overall alien-esque vibe. I'm also loving this frosty 2000's style lip and gloss. Shop Haus Labs, below.

"Marry the Night"

Last, but definitely not least: Gaga's iconic look from "Marry the Night," where she glances upwards at the dance studio before leaving to go dance atop a burning car. Fun fact, this is actually my favorite Gaga song and video of all time. But back to the makeup: Here, she was EONS ahead of everyone with the fox-eye TikTok trend by connecting her liner at the inner corner. I love the super carved out brow and yet again another staple red lipstick. Shop Haus Labs, below.