Beauty Creators Imagine Looks Inspired by 'Born This Way'
Born This Way

Beauty Creators Imagine Looks Inspired by 'Born This Way'

It's been 10 years since Lady Gaga gave birth to Born This Way, her Grammy-nominated and chart-topping second album full of queer dancefloor anthems, iconic visuals and boundary-pushing live performances. PAPER is celebrating its cultural impact by hearing from some of Gaga's closest collaborators, experts and fans.

The Born This Way era birthed some of Lady Gaga's most iconic beauty moments, from Rick Genest's skeleton-inspired faces in "Born This Way" to the graphic black eyeliner worn in "Judas" and the rainbow-hued hair colors that seemed to change with every single performance.

Like the album's "perpetual rebirth" described by writer Greg Mania in his essay on the album, Born This Way beauty similarly existed in a "constant state of transformation" to reflect our own infinite, frenetic identities. And its cultural impact has been profound, ushering in an era when beauty is not only booming, but more expressive and lawless than ever.

For the project's 10-year anniversary, PAPER asked some of our favorite beauty disruptors — from Cae Monāe to Laurel Charleston and Hatti Rees— to create and submit looks inspired by Gaga's sophomore effort.


Editing: Giuseppe Pettineo