'Black Panther' Will Get Ryan Coogler-Directed Sequel

'Black Panther' Will Get Ryan Coogler-Directed Sequel

As if there was ever any doubt, the highest grossing movie of the year, Marvel's Black Panther, is now confirmed to be getting a sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter broke word that writer and director, Ryan Coogler, will be coming back to reprise those roles for Black Panther 2. Currently ramping up for the release of another Michael B. Jordan-starring property, Creed II, Coogler is expected to start filming the sequel in late 2019 or early 2020. But honestly, that's fair given that Coogler is in the midst of developing a LeBron James-starring sequel to Space Jam as well as another drama, Wrong Answer.

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To say that Black Panther was a significant cultural moment is perhaps a massive understatement. A touchstone for the black community, it was a massive step forward for mainstream representation in a political climate that has been openly hostile to racial minorities. Black Panther is currently up for Oscar consideration and is heavily theorized to be the reason behind the short-lived "Popular Film" category that was introduced and then canceled this year. Black Panther has already cemented itself as a part of the contemporary canon with ease and aplomb, it wasn't so much a question of whether the movie would get a sequel but when. After all, "Wakanda Forever."

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