Once the dust settled after today's big OTRII announcement, it started to hit home: this is NOT just a Beyoncé tour. The Beyhive shuffled into formation accordingly to express their disappointment, because although they're getting extra Beyoncé this year, it comes with a heavy side of Jay-Z.

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Which should all be well and fine. Jay-Z is, clearly, an excellent artist, Beyoncé's muse and recently released a flawless album, 4:44. However, it was on that last LP where he revealed — and apologized — to Bey for his indiscretions, admitting the cheating allegations first alluded to via a post-Met Ball elevator fight and, of course, on Lemonade, were accurate.

While it seems Beyoncé was ready to forgive and forget, that's been a much harder pill to swallow for her loyal fanbase. It might also be the case that in a venn diagram of the couple's followings, there are only very few in the middle supporting both camps. Taking to Twitter to express their disappointment with a Jay double billing, the Beyhive did not hold back.

Yikes!! But still...

Regardless, you know you're going to buy tickets.

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