Iconic Whoopi Goldberg Looks, From the '80s to Now
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Iconic Whoopi Goldberg Looks, From the '80s to Now

Whoopi Goldberg goes to every New York Fashion Week event ever, sits front row, and in a sea of poseurs always looks exactly like herself. A sometimes-forgotten fashion icon who has long supported designers big and small, she's worn Vetements on The View and walked for Opening Ceremony. She likes Thom Browne for the red carpet. She has thoughts on Eckhaus Latta.

Goldberg once wrote that, "I've never worn anything crazy, by my own estimate," while admitting people have often used the term to describe her outfits. Especially the purple and green jacket she took to the 1993 Oscars, which she donned in tribute to Lucille Ball. But the most crucial takeaway is actually that Goldberg, even when she's eccentric, always looks relaxed in the way she dresses. Which is kind of the ultimate goal — even when you're wearing labels head to toe, right? Nobody wants to be caught trying too hard. Whoopi never will be. She's unafraid of leggings. She wears Crocs to movie premieres. She once collaborated with Uggs. She likes designers who design for "women with butts, droopy tits, and maybe underarm hair." She doesn't wear bras all that much. And why should she have to? She's Whoopi Goldberg!

Goldberg loves and understands fashion even though most labels aren't making clothes with her in mind — to their detriment, quite honestly. She's an ambassador for non-sample sized women who enjoy getting dressed — millions of them exist, not that you'd necessarily know it from the runway.

In honor of the icon's brand new (plus size inclusive, comfort-focused) clothing line Dubgee, we looked back through the archives to revisit some of her all-time best looks.

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