No, Armie Hammer Isn't Working as a Hotel Concierge

No, Armie Hammer Isn't Working as a Hotel Concierge

by Camille Bavera

Just because you haven’t seen Armie Hammer in any blockbuster films lately, doesn’t mean the Call Me by Your Name actor isn’t working. In fact, the internet claims that Hammer has switched career paths, taking up residence as a concierge in the Cayman Islands.

Hammer, who has spent a good deal of time at a Grand Cayman resort, has been able to keep a relatively low profile in the Islands throughout the pandemic and admist the recent dubious sex scandal — that is, until now.

Employees of the resort, with whom Hammer has struck up a bit of a friendship during his stays, thought it funny to send a mockup flier — including a list of resort activities, his acting headshot and the signature “Regards, Armie” — to a few guests. The purpose of said mock flier is very much unknown, but naturally, Twitter was ablaze.

The initial viral tweet, posted Wednesday, read: “My friend’s parents went on vacation in the Cayman Islands and Armie Hammer was their concierge.” A representative for the hotel quickly responded saying that “they could only dream of this type of publicity” and that the phone was ringing off the hook. While the tweet has since been deleted, images of Hammer’s dubious flier continue to make their way around social media.

“STINGRAY CITY on Tuesday: 4 stops, sunset cruise, drinks included! 50% discount ONLY with me!” it reads, under a section titled: ‘I HAVE DISCOUNT VOUCHERS FOR” that also includes “Excursions,” “Free Raffle Tickets,” and “Much, Much, More.”

Unfortunately for the hotel guests planning to take advantage of everything Hammer had to offer, it was just a prank, now confirmed by representatives for the hotel as well as one of Hammer’s lawyers, Andrew Brettler.

Besides an appearance in Kenneth Branaugh’s long-awaited Death on the Nile, Hammer's Hollywood descent has continued its course, including being replaced in films by other actors, including Top Gun fighter pilot Miles Teller, and losing his WME agency representation. His only known upcoming project, House of Hammer, is a true crime special examining the scandals in his oil tycoon family over the past five generations, culminating with Hammer's fall from grace.

Photo via Getty/ Gareth Cattermole