Armie Hammer's Alleged Victims and Aunt Speak Out in Doc Trailer

Armie Hammer's Alleged Victims and Aunt Speak Out in Doc Trailer

by Bailey Richards

Armie Hammer may have disproven those hotel concierge allegations, but it doesn’t look like any of the other claims swirling around about the actor — you know, the ones about him being a rapist, abuser and cannibal — will be debunked anytime soon. The trailer for House of Hammer just dropped, and three women (two of Hammer’s alleged victims and his own aunt), will be telling all in the three-part documentary series.

The trailer begins with Courtney Vucekovich and Julia Morrison, both of whom were formerly romantically involved with Hammer, sharing a selection of the disturbing texts, DMs and voice memos sent to them by the actor. The messages say things like: “I’ll own you forever,” “I am 100% a cannibal,” “I want to eat you” and “I decide when you eat, when you sleep. when you cum.” A handwritten note the actor allegedly gave to Vucekovich read: “I am going to bite the fuck out of you.”

The women both explained that at the beginning of their relationships with Hammer, he was very kind and normal, showering them with compliments about how “beautiful,” “perfect” and “made for [him]” they were — before things spiraled and the actor revealed his true, allegedly abusive colors.

“The ropes were around your neck, your wrists, your ankles and you're like completely immobilized and I'm just closing my eyes until it ended,” Vucekovich recalls in the trailer, wiping a tear from her eye.

In the second half of the trailer, Casey Hammer, the only granddaughter of Armand Hammer (the man who made the Hammers their fortune), implies that her family made a deal with the devil, compares them to the Roys — “Magnify Succession a million times and it was my family” — and vows to reveal her family’s “dark, twisted secrets.”

“I’ve let the Hammers control me my whole life. It’s time to stop. I refuse to be silenced,” she says in the trailer — but House of Hammer isn’t the first time the Call Me by Your Name actor’s aunt has opened up about the Hammers’ secrets and abuse.

In 2015, Casey published Surviving My Birthright, an autobiography in which she “alleged that her father, Julian [Hammer], sexually abused her when she was a child,” according to Variety, and in the trailer, she says she has seen the “dark side” of not only her father but her nephew as well.

Set to release on Discovery+ on September 2, House of Hammer promises to pull the curtain back on Armie and five generations of Hammers, which its trailer description calls a “dysfunctional dynasty with its male characters exhibiting all the devastating consequences of privilege gone wild.”

Photo via BFA