Anna Delvey Is Holding Her Own Art Show

Anna Delvey Is Holding Her Own Art Show

by Hedy Phillips

Update 5/26/22: For those that were unable to attend the opening but still looking to get their hands on a piece of Anna Delvey's first solo exhibition can now pick up their own copy of the SoHo grifter's drawings. The limited edition set of prints is currently on sale via Founders Art Club, with all of them coming hand numbered and unframed. Quantities are limited so there's no telling how long the prints will be available but word is actor and fellow "girl of the moment" Julia Fox has already snatched up her own copy so don't be surprised if they move fast.

Fake German heiress and New York socialite Anna Sorokin, AKA Anna Delvey, is launching her own art show. Debuting May 19 at New York City’s Public Hotel, “Allegedly” will feature her sketches and artwork from her time behind bars.

Delvey has shared some of her art here and there on social media and saw success with the “Free Anna Delvey” art show in March, and now a whole new collection will be on display in this exhibit. Comprised of 20 pieces, the collection will encompass Delvey’s time while being held by ICE and awaiting deportation back to Germany.

“I wanted to capture some of the moments of the past years, both never-seen-before and iconic, using the limited tools I have at my disposal,” she told Page Six. “Some of the pieces are straightforward, others are more abstract and will be unique in meaning and appearance to the observer.”

Though many people know Delvey for being busted as a scammer a few years back and having Netflix make a show about her life and crimes — called Inventing Anna — she did study fashion illustration at one point (as far as we know). She told Page Six that she hadn’t really spent any time sketching since she left Parsons in Paris but felt compelled to pick up the tools again while in prison. “Long story — don’t ask me why,” she said, adding, “You’ve heard so many voices already, but this is the beginning of me telling my story, my narrative, from my perspective.”

Due to the limited resources in the prison and the restrictions on what was allowed to be sent in, Delvey’s artwork is largely created by pen and pencil from inside, with the addition of colored pencils. The 20 art pieces that will be on display won’t be sold outright either — ownership is up for grabs. Chris Martine, who is handling the sales, is selling a 48% ownership of the collection as a whole, which is estimated at $500,000.

Delvey is planning to be in attendance on May 19 virtually, as she’s still detained in upstate New York by ICE.

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