Read Anna Delvey's Prison Diary

Read Anna Delvey's Prison Diary

Beloved fake heiress Anna Delvey has pivoted to blogging. Still doing time in an upstate New York correctional facility after scamming Manhattan's elite to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Delvey has started writing a prison diary that's now available to read on her personal website. Which is kind of retro, in the Substack newsletter age. Guess she's been away from the scene for a while.

Delvey's first diary entry (titled "Life is Hard: Enduring COVID-19 in an Upstate NY Prison") would admittedly benefit from an editor, but dare we say she's got a way with words? And, perhaps most surprisingly, a subtle sense of self-awareness and humor.

"Being in prison mostly feels like extended quarantining, only with a bunch of murderers," the diary begins, before quipping, "and we still can get our hair done." (As you may recall from the viral Anna Delvey Moment, she came unstuck when she didn't have the cash to pay her hairdressers.)

Delvey continues to joke about her less-than-desirable circumstances: "I understand that prison is supposed to be all about having no rights and being forced to settle for less, but when I'm being casually told that granola bars are being replaced with powdered donuts, it's extra hard to maintain hope and stay positive."

We also learn that she managed, on the 23rd attempt, to smuggle in a "nonflammable" Hermès blanket — only to be labelled "bougie" by fellow inmates, who then reject her from a prayer group for being too distracting.

It's all very Orange Is the New Black, except with a pandemic thrown in and a high fashion edge. (At one point, Delvey complains about being interrupted while reading her new issue of CR Fashion Book.) Honestly, maybe all the competing TV shows and movies currently being made about Delvey's scammer past should pivot to chronicling her incarceration?

The second entry, promised to appear soon, will more directly tackle Delvey's experiences with COVID-19 at the Albion facility where she's detained. She's not set for release until February of next year, so there'll be plenty of prison content to come.

A reminder: COVID outbreaks in prisons across the US are a serious issue. Learn more about how you can help here.

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