You Can Be Anna Delvey for Halloween

You Can Be Anna Delvey for Halloween

by Kenna McCafferty

This Halloween you can be the trick and the treat by dressing up as sexy Anna Delvey. The Russian school girl/German heiress Anna Sorokin/Anna Delvey has worn many costumes in her life. Now, thanks to the lingerie brand and pop culture costume creator Yandy, you can dress up as Anna Sorokin dressing up as Anna Delvey. It’s getting meta…

The “Con Heiress” costume consists of Delvey’s trademark square frame glasses and a black choker, with the added accessories of handcuffs and a sash that reads "VIP is always better” as well as a pair of panties that have “Do You Accept Wire Transfer” printed on the back. Little black dress not included.

In true Delvey spirit, Yandy found the perfect opportunity to cash in on a trend. Delvey, who was discovered as a con artist in 2017, skyrocketed into the spotlight with Shondaland’s dramatic portrayal of her socialite days, Reinventing Anna, brought to life by Julia Garner and her strange pan-Germanic accent. Upon the completion of her prison sentence and her release from an ICE detention center, Delvey has maintained her relevancy and scammer status by launching an NFT collection.

Being the trend forecasters that we are, we anticipate seeing many a sexy Delvy dress-up, as well as her scammer-turned-TV series star counterpart, Elizabeth Holmes, and maybe even a Julia Fox X Black Swan crossover costume or two. If 2022 was the year of the girl boss grifter, this Halloween will be all about the trick.

For equally tongue-in-cheek non–femme presenting dress-up, we recommend going as Pete Davidson at the VMAs as Kanye at the Met Gala. For a timeline fracturing couples costume, you could pair your Pete with Yandy’s pop culture costume from 2021, “Mystery Gala Guest” which was a spoof on Kim Kardashian’s Balenciaga Met Gala look. It’s getting meta and messy!

Photo courtesy of Joe Schildhorn/BFA