Here's Your First Look at Upcoming 'Inventing Anna' Series

Here's Your First Look at Upcoming 'Inventing Anna' Series

Three years after the project was first announced, Netflix is finally gearing up for their upcoming series, Inventing Anna, based on the life of infamous SoHo scammer, Anna Delvey.

Starring Julia Garner as the titular grifter, Netflix has shared a handful of stills showing the luxurious highs and sobering lows of Delvey's infamous fall from grace. "This story is completely true," Netflix captions the images, "except for all of the parts that aren't."

A product of Shonda Rimes' hit factory, Shondaland, the show is based on The Cut's viral 2018 article recounting how Delvey, (or Anna Sorokin as we would later come know) managed to rub elbows with New York's social elite and subsequently con them out of hundreds of thousands of dollars pretending to be a German heiress.

Going from all-expenses-paid trips to Morocco to wearing designer looks in her courtroom appearances, the scam queen captured the public fascination with her dedication to all the finer things in life even when reality came crashing down around her.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal about her time preparing for the role, Garner said, "The only thing that I didn't expect is that Anna is really funny. She's actually hysterical. And she's super soft-spoken and gentle." She went on to say that "going into any part, you can't have too many negative thoughts because you don't want to start with the character judging them."

The key to portraying a polarizing figure is empathy, according to Garner, who explained that "you can't dislike the person you're playing for eight, nine months. That's going to come across on the screen, and the performance isn't going to be as good. She had her reasons why she did all the things she did."

Delvey was released from Rikers prison earlier this year after having her sentence shortened due to good behavior, paying restitution to the victims after selling her life writes to the streaming giant. Since being released, Delvey has done her best to make up for lost time, capitalizing on her cult celebrity status to launch her new career as an Instagram influencer, as well as her own website and vlog channel.

The 10-episode series is scheduled to arrive some time next year with Anna Chlumsky set to portray The Cut writer Jessica Pressler, Alexis Floyd as the hotel concierge turned close friend, Laverne Cox as her personal trainer and Katie Lowes as Rachel DeLoache Williams, the friend from the ill-fated Marrakech trip.

Photo courtesy of Netflix