Inside TikTok Superstar Alix Earle's VIP Coachella Getaway With GUESS Originals

Inside TikTok Superstar Alix Earle's VIP Coachella Getaway With GUESS Originals

BYMario AbadApr 21, 2023

From the moment she stepped off a small plane onto the California desert, Alix Earle's Coachella experience was in full swing. It was her first time attending with GUESS, the LA-based clothing brand whose presence at this year's festival was kicking into high gear.

The TikTok sensation, current senior at University of Miami and self-proclaimed "hot mess," got to bring a group of her closest friends, all of whom often make cameos in her viral GRWM videos and TikToks about college life.

Earle and her friends were staying at the GUESS Compound not far from the festival grounds, a sprawling space with pools, hot tubs and mini golf fields where she and other influencers got to live their full GUESS California fantasy.

"My friends and I all sent outfit options in our group chat the week before to help each other decide what we should bring for the festival weekend," Earle, who had an artists pass, said afterwards. "I overpacked as usual, bringing one too many suitcases."

Earle worked with stylist Mimi Cuttrell to help figure out her festival looks for the week, which included everything from denim-on-denim to bikinis. "The three outfits I wore each had a completely different vibe," she said. "I knew I wanted to wear something totally new each day. I think festival style is whatever you will feel the most comfortable in, while also experimenting with outfits and looks you maybe wouldn’t wear or try on a regular basis."

Throughout the weekend, Earle kept her 5 million+ TikTok followers entertained and informed about her experience. On Day 2, for instance, she "went too hard" during the day and wasn't able to make it to Bad Bunny's set at night so she watched his performance on the television. Two-hour sleeps were not uncommon.

"My favorite TikToks I posted this weekend were the group videos with my friends and sister," she said. "I was so thankful and thrilled to be able to have them there with me. Those videos will always be so fun to look back on and will allow me to hold onto memories that will last a lifetime.

Other plans included the GUESS pre-Coachella dinner, held at the GUESS compound where other influencers like Noah Beck, Lukka Sabbat and Evan Mock turned out, and an afterparty on Saturday night with Celosa Rose Tequila.

Her favorite performance from the weekend was from the British musician Labrinth. "He is so talented and when he brought out one of my favorite artists, Billie Eilish, everyone went insane," she said. "The whole crowd was singing along, and the vibes were immaculate."

Other weekend favorites? "I discovered the musical group, Tale of Us, that was also another incredible performance with lots of high-energy from the crowd. It was infectious to feed off of! This weekend was more amazing than I could have ever imagined."

Photos courtesy of Guess/ Bryce Glenn