Of Course, AOC Is a Telfar Stan

Of Course, AOC Is a Telfar Stan

File under things we didn't know we needed until today: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proudly showing her support for Telfar. The congresswoman was spotted carrying the brand's signature vegan leather tote bag in a medium oxblood version outside Capitol Hill in DC over the weekend. (She had on matching oxblood nail polish and a tie-dye mask by Leah Kirsch.)

Her style flex came just a few moments after she gave her 6.3 million followers a peek at what she carries inside her bag, including a water bottle, notebooks, makeup bag, wallet, headphones, keys and a dental kit (handy tips in case you're still debating what size Telfar to order).

AOC also gave the brand a shoutout the day before on her Instagram stories when she reposted a photo of a pair of kids holding their Telfar bags. She called designer Telfar Clemens a "HOMETOWN HERO" after describing how he got his start in Lefrak City, Queens, which makes up part of the New York district she represents. "Another NY-14 native using their talents to challenge us to question convention and imagine a different world. Our community is so proud!"

No word yet if she was among the many who placed an order during Telfar's one-day pre-order event last week.

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