The 'Queer Eye' Cast Hangs With AOC in DC

The 'Queer Eye' Cast Hangs With AOC in DC

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's first few months as a congresswoman have proved how desperately US politics was crying out for a makeover before she arrived — her upbeat attitude, progressive policies, and candid social media posts are helping rebrand DC in the eyes of millennials. So when photos of AOC hanging with Queer Eye's Fab Five (sadly minus Karamo) emerged on social media early this afternoon, something clicked into place. Truly a meeting of minds.

It appears Bobby Berk, who is in charge of interior design on the show, reached out to AOC first. Berk tweeted at the politician on Monday saying he was in DC and available to help decorate her new office; AOC replied a few hours later, saying he should swing by. "We've barely had time to hang anything up, three of my staffers are expecting babies, and we've got a bach pad/warehouse type situation out here. SOS!" she added.

Yesterday Berk told Architectural Digesthe planned to work within a Shonda Rhimes-inspired aesthetic: "I see [AOC's] office as looking like Olivia Pope's place — something chic and modern but also highly functional," he said. "I know she works long hours, so I'd want it to be a place that she loves coming to and feels comfortable in."

We're yet to see the results of said Scandal office makeover, but there are some heartwarming photos of not only Bobby but also JVN, Antoni, and Tan chilling with AOC in Washington. JVN was wearing Balenciaga sneakers and a skirt, and his pink sweater matched AOC's suit. The four Queer Eye cast members also posed with house speaker Nancy Pelosi, whose confused-but-happy smile doesn't necessarily give us confidence that she's a regular viewer of the show. Plus majority leader Steny Hoyer, who shouted out his commitment to LGBTQ+ legislative issues.

It's all very cute, and nice of Berk to volunteer his services. The less time AOC has to put into decor, the more she can dedicate to pushing the Green New Deal!

Photos via Twitter