This Is the Best Chance You'll Have to Finally Score a Telfar Bag

This Is the Best Chance You'll Have to Finally Score a Telfar Bag

For many, getting your hands on a Telfar bag these days has been next to impossible, a problem exacerbated by the sudden flurry of resellers and bots that have wiped out a product page clean.

So for its next bag rollout, Telfar is making sure that everyone will finally be able to score their own bag without the worry of items selling out immediately. The brand is launching a Bag Security program where every size and color will be available to pre-order for 24 hours starting at 9:00AM EST Wednesday, August 19th until 9:00AM EST Thursday, August 20th

Rather than holding stock, Telfar will make the bags for you after you hit order and will guarantee delivery before January 15. Following this day, the site will still have rolling bag restocks by color and size periodically.

"The pre-order also poses as a novel business solution to the overwhelming demand, as the brand is now unsure of how many bags need to be actually supplied to fully meet demands," said the brand. "Most importantly however, Telfar wanted to hone back in on their messages that the bags are for everyone, and that Telfar is for the people."

Head over to SHOP.TELFAR.NET to learn more about the rules.

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