Adore Delano Gives Us a Sneak Peek of Her OnlyFans

Adore Delano Gives Us a Sneak Peek of Her OnlyFans

by Evan Ross Katz

*Very Azealia Banks voice* The girls are [OnlyFans]ing! Following in the footsteps of fellow RuPaul's Drag Race alum including Shea Couleé, Katya, The Vixen, Aja, Plastique Tiara, Dahlia Sin, Sasha Belle and more (who'd I miss?), Adore Delano has joined the increasingly popular subscription-based content creation platform Only Fans.

Delano announced the move on October 14 to over two million followers on Instagram with a nearly nude side-profile shot and the caption "Surprise.. LINK IN BIO❣️" I have a lot of questions, so let's do away with all pretense and invite Adore to the chat to spill the details on just how big of a bucket and a mop we're gonna need to take this all in.

Let's get right to it. What made you want to start an OnlyFans account, and why now?

It's been boiling for a few months. One of my best friends Chris Crocker, who is really successful on the site, has always shared his love for and addiction to the site. And I was like, "Hmmm, I kinda wanna join." And then when the whole Bella Thorne thing started happening I was like, "Wait a minute." But then I saw that Cardi B has one and I was like it can't be that bad! [Laughs]. And then I made it and started posting without letting anyone know and then I was like, "Should I tell people?" and finally I was like, "Fuck it, I'm in Ireland and I'm not doing anything, why not?"

Why not! So I'm gonna ask the question many are wondering: What kind of content can we expect to see on Adore's OnlyFans?

Well, I always tap into my sexual side, and it seems to piss a lot of people off on my main social media accounts. A lot of the pictures that I'm posting on OnlyFans, I've posted similar content on Twitter and Instagram and lost followers for it. So I was like, "This is a platform where they are paying me to do this, might as well do it." There's Reddit posts of so many of my nudes, I might as well make money off of it.

That is true.

Right? I had no idea until Darienne [Lake] told me about it recently. That was such a recent discovery about a month and a half ago and really was a trigger point for me to be like, "You know what? Let me just Tyga it up and start making money off of this shit because if they're going to be gossiping about my penis size I might as well make money showing a little less."

It's a smart business strategy. So I'm assuming we'll be seeing some dick, but I'm curious if we might see any sex acts at all?

"I might show penis... for the right price." [Laughs] I'm basically going to be just posting what I was posting on my Instagram and Twitter like thong shots, a lot of teasing shots, there's some from old photoshoots in drag where I've literally just like mooned the photographer and people are actually into it. It's kinda weird because you don't actually see yourself like that a lot of the time but if there's people that are willing to pay for it, amazing. We're in different times right now where it's not like the end of a career when you post something like that, so I might as well.

Do you think if the fan demand became cacophonous enough that you'd ever consider posting more explicit content?

I honestly don't think so. I feel like I've had this discussion a lot with Chris, we talk almost every day, and he was like, "You don't have to post collabs or explicit explicit content." You have to understand that these kids — well not these kids, 'cause you have to be 18, Jesus Christ, they're kids to me, I'm well near 35 — they will help you and back whatever the hell you do. It's kind of like a cult following. So I don't know if "blessed" is the right word, but it's another avenue of making coin and putting it into the art so might as well, dude.

Speaking of which! As you're well aware, the pandemic has affected so many industries, and not exempt in that is the performing arts. How has the pandemic affected your ability to generate revenue?

It's crazy. It doesn't matter if you've saved for years. It's had an affect on everyone. There's a dent in all of our egos and in all of our bank accounts. I haven't had a paycheck in almost a year. Not that I'm saying "poor me," because I'm blessed to be in an opportunity where I can make coin by doing little things like that, but it's been really hard on a lot of my friends and we've had a lot of discussions on it. We don't know what the future holds, so might as well grasp the things that are presented on your doorstep while they are there and squeeze all the youth out while you have it.

How very Death Becomes Her.

Exactly. Do you remember where you parked the car? It's very that.

So speaking some more about OnlyFans. There are a number of accounts that I follow I would say religiously, are there any accounts that you're following that have really titilated you?

Um not really. I kinda did this weird research and started following a few really nasty accounts and a lot of the Drag Race girls. I really just wanted to see what limit they were hitting and where I wanted to stay away from and where I wanted to tap into. And let me tell you, I got some research [laughs]. It's a super weird way to see the culture. Pop culture has shifted in such a weird way, where you can have an OnlyFans and then go on Joe Biden with CNN and be like, "Hey, I'm voting." Everything is so transparent now, so no one really gives a fuck. It's not like 2010 or even three years ago, where I feel like this would be such a scandal. It's all just really pay-per-view, fans can pay for whatever they want to view that you're giving out. And that's cool for me, man.

Can we switch over and do a few pop culture questions? I know you're a big fan of The View — same — how are you feeling about the current state of the show, which is still being done with the majority of the panelists at home and with Meghan McCain on maternity leave?

I know that this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I do miss Meghan on the show. A lot of people give me flack for that. It doesn't mean that you necessarily have to agree with someone to enjoy them on television and enjoy what they provide for an atmosphere. And I adore her. I actually get along with her really well. I don't agree with a lot of her topics but I still want to hear from her side so that I can hear an opposing opinion to develop my own vibe. Sometimes I don't jive with Joy, and I adore her too, I still want to hear that.

There was that backlash back in June 2019 after you appeared on The View alongside fellow Drag Race alum Monét X Change and Nina West. Were you taken aback that people were so angry at you for being on a panel moderated by Meghan McCain?

The thing is that people that have a problem with that like to get spoon fed their own knowledge and I hate that. They don't like to hear an opposing opinion. They don't want to sit down with somebody that has different morals or traditional values and if that clashes with the way that they were brought up or the way that they think now they don't want to entertain that. And I think that that's a dangerous situation and territory to go into because it blocks off any kind of critical thinking and any kind of debate — and I love debate. If we were to get into our opposing opinions, I totally would have sat there and talked about it with her. I think it's almost coward-like to only surround yourself with people with the same opinions as you. I really didn't give a fuck to be honest. I feel like training and going through TV when I was younger helps me to ghost that kind of energy when it becomes negative. I know it affected the other girls more because I don't think they are used to that because they are so loved on the scene, but I really don't give a fuck and I think that that's part of my appeal.

So you're also a Real Housewives fan, yeah?

100! I'm on the fourth season of Melbourne right now.

Oh, so she's got taste! It's funny how many people don't fuck with the international franchises without realizing that they're only getting half the story. But of the American franchises which are you currently watching?

Potomac I'm watching religiously. It's not contrived drama. I feel like these women have history and I love that about Melbourne and Potomac specifically because they can sit at a table and call each other cunts and then at the end of the day it's like, "I've known her for 25 years we've got to get to the bottom of this." Love it.

Speaking of Potomac. I don't love doing the whole "Are you team Candiace or Team Monique?" because I think it's more nuanced than that, but what's been your reaction to not only seeing the much-buzzed about fight take place and the aftermath?

Well I actually adore Monique. I've loved her since her first season. There was something just airy about her, and then I found out she was a Libra so I was like yay. She reminds me of all of my family, like they keep it together but if you really pull that whisker, they'll snap on your ass, and I love that about her. I thought it showed a human side that she was not remorseful. I was like, "Yeah bitch, do not ham this up for the cameras. You tell those bitches 'I am not sorry right now.'" And that is truthful. I think both of them can take a bit more accountability, especially on Candiace's side but I'm kind of in love with Monique. And she's just a gorgeous woman. I love looking at her. And I feel like Gizelle has been trying to boot her out since season two and got so wet watching Monique grab Candiace by the hair. Ew.

So Drag Race recently did a spin-off series called RuPaul's Drag Race: Vegas Revue. I quite liked it because it had a Housewives-y quality that I appreciated and eliminated the competition aspect. Did you happen to catch the show, and if so did you have any reaction to it?

I saw clips, but I haven't watched it all. I love the girls, but I think to have it be more successful they need to cast bigger personalities. I think they need to put more energy into the production of not just creating drama but having more storyline. From the bites I saw, I was like, "If so and so was cast in this do you know how banging this would be?" I feel like they have the means and just need to cast bigger personalities to make it a fucking hit.

What about music? Can we expect a fourth album any time soon? It's been a minute!

Well, I will be releasing some unreleased B-tracks on OnlyFans, and I actually just finished writing my fourth record, which should be coming out early next year. And after this tour in England we're going to fly to Arizona, and we're going to be recording that and getting with the band and doing it live in the studio. And then I have a tour in April where I'll be touring with that album.

Dream collaborators?

I would love to do a song with Cyndi Lauper before I die. I mean, I partied with her when I was 18 and I sang with her on a boat and I just want to do a song with her. "Do you remember me? No? Okay come on, pretend."

Header photo: Mitch Major
OnlyFans photos courtesy of Adore Delano