Bella Thorne Made $1 Million in a Day on OnlyFans
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Bella Thorne Made $1 Million in a Day on OnlyFans

In just a day on OnlyFans, keep in mind that's only 24 hours, Bella Thorne has earned $1 million in revenue. She's become the first creator on the platform to do so and has set an unbelievable precedent moving forward. Keep in mind, she just announced that she was joining OnlyFans six days ago.

Thorne's success on the platform is owed to the fact that fans just can't get enough of her. She offers them a peek into her everyday life via exclusive personal content in the form of photos and videos and, additionally, she responds to every message she gets from people that contact her. Subscribers pay $20 for this privilege and clearly can't get enough.

By pivoting to OnlyFans, Thorne is looking to monetize her posts in a way that Instagram, and other social media websites, don't allow influencers to do. In addition to shifting to paid content, Thorne also wants to be able to express herself freely. "OnlyFans is the first platform where I can fully control my image; without censorship, without judgement, and without being bullied online for being me," she revealed to PAPERlast week.

Thorne is also in talks to possibly star in a documentary film that explores her experiences using OnlyFans down the line. With her list of accolades including being a best-selling poet and award-winning porn director, it'll be interesting to see how she incorporates those experiences if it were to get created.

Photo courtesy of Emma Holly Jones