Acne Studios Made an Entire Collection out of Its Mellow Face Motif

Acne Studios Made an Entire Collection out of Its Mellow Face Motif

There are a lot of things we associate with Acne Studios, the Swedish fashion label rocked by cool downtown kids and older artsy types alike. Their pink shopping bags, minimalist designs and rigid jeans are among the most well-known, but its small mellow face motif is another brand signature that's just as recognizable.

Designed as two small circles for the eyes and a long rectangle for the mouth, the face motif is described as neither too happy or too sad but somewhere in between, according to the brand's creative director Jonny Johansson. (A mood that many of us can likely relate to these days.)

While the logo has made the occasional cameo in past collections, it wasn't until 2017 when it became the focal point of a standalone collection. Three years later, it's getting the spotlight once again for Fall 2020 in new interpretations such as a fun, oversized rubber patch, a sporty reflective patch and a retro 3D embroidered patch.

The full unisex range includes new additions like velour tracksuits and oversized cardigans. Outdoorsy pieces like rain ponchos, Breton-striped sweaters, bum bags, bucket hats and cardholder lanyards come in a variety colors to keep things fresh and interesting.

Browse a selection of items from Acne Studios' Face collection, available to shop now, in the gallery below.

Photos courtesy of Acne Studios