Acne Studios' Latest Collection Is for Dog People

Acne Studios' Latest Collection Is for Dog People

by Dylan Kelly

In the conceptual stages of its Fall 2020 collection, Acne Studios called on Lydia Blakeley, an experiential British painter whose animal depictions are instantly identifiable, to add some playfulness to its range with a selection of dog-inspired designs and man's-best-friend motifs. Today, the collection has landed on the market, and the Swedish fashion house is ringing in the canine-reminiscent range with a series of portraits of the fashion label's employees and their dogs.

"A while ago I became a dog owner myself," says Acne Studios creative director Jonny Johansson. "Ever since then I've started to notice the 'dog people,' walking, being and dressing. I didn't see them in the same way before and now I guess I've become one myself. For this collection, I wanted to highlight and credit that subculture for all the inspiration it has given me."

Shot by Anders Edström against the label's 1972 Brutalist-style headquarters, the campaign shows staffers posing in the pup-oriented garments and the collection's sleek, oversized suiting pieces alongside their individual dogs. Fronting the imagery is Pontus Björkman, global wholesale director, and his Yorkshire terrier Kenzo; Edouard Schneider, global communications director, and his miniature dachshund Pumba; Ioana Ciocan, technical designer, and her French bulldog Jasper, among several others.

In its entirety, the Acne Studios Fall 2020 collection is a contemporary reworking of dated workwear. Blakeley's pooch-punched illustrations work their way onto lumberjack-inspired flannels, dramatic check patterns and signature denim pieces, underscoring the entire line with the simple bliss that a dog brings to its owner. Elsewhere in the collection, dominating colorways meld nicely with neutral hues across an eclectic selection of fabrics ranging from silk to denim.

Indulge in the dog-inspired Fall 2020 collection on Acne Studios' website and see the rest of the portraits, below.

Photos courtesy of Acne Studios