Acne Studios' New Campaign Spotlights Young Talent

Acne Studios' New Campaign Spotlights Young Talent

There are a handful of brands known for their minimalist elegance, but Acne Studios has always held a special place in tastemakers' hearts. Why? Well, we'd posit that their impeccable curation is key — whether it involves the label's love of a pastel pink or infamously austere advertising — and their latest campaign is definitive proof of the latter.

For Fall/Winter 2019, Acne has decided to highlight the Musubi bag line accented with twisted knots inspired by Japanese obi sashes. Even better? They're doing it with the help of a bunch of fresh, young faces who are, undoubtedly, the next generation of tastemakers and It people.

Shot by Richard Burbridge, the new campaign put gritty, raw portraits of these emerging talents next to vibrant photos of their new Musubi designs, including an oversized shoulder bag, bucket bag, and backpack.

Featuring appearances from dancer and social media maven Parker Kit Hill, musician Dylan Jagger Lee, artists Delfin Finley and Ajani Russell, as well as models Esther McGregor, Xie Chaoyu, and Sara Skinner Hiromi, these colorful personalities are fitting companions for the new designs, which include new fluorescent green and orange hues.

"Acne Studios is about both fashion and reality. I'm proud that we've always designed new fashion that people want to wear. I love it when I see people around the world carrying our Musubi bag," creative director Jonny Johansson said. "Every time I see the bag now, I think about real people. I wanted to bring this feeling to our new campaign that features the Musubi, by bringing together some real people who excite us, and who tell their stories through the campaign."

The Musubi bags are now available via Check out images from the campaign, below.

Photo courtesy of Acne Studios