Feminist Victory: Yonic Oyster and Period Blood Emojis Are Coming

For too long, those of us with periods and clitorises have been brutally silenced from talking about our cramps and orgasms by Emoji's lack of yonic and vagina-related emojis. While we gab and gossip freely with eggplant dicks, the best digital icon we currently have to talk about periods and vaginas are the taco (no shade to tacos, it just sounds like a joke a 13-year-old boy would make), and the bloody syringe, which feels unnecessarily gruesome (we're trying to teach kids that periods aren't scary).

This dark time is coming to an end. Unicode Consortium, which handles the standards for emojis, has revealed a list of 230 new emojis that will be rolled out in the coming year.

This list includes a red blood drop (gorgeous!) which, according to Vogue, is the result of pressure form global girls right's charity, Plan International UK, which hopes the texting icon will make conversations about periods easier and less shameful.

In addition, the luscious, dignified and highly yonic oyster emoji, replete with a pearly clit, will be rolled out in the coming weeks, for all your sexting and storytelling needs.

Hopefully, the menstruating and clitorised among us will go forth into the new year emboldened by this visual vocabulary to talk openly and intimately about our vaginal experiences! Maybe that's a stretch, but hey, wins for people with vaginas are far and few between these days, so we'll celebrate where we can.

The new batch also includes a number of other representation firsts with regards to disability, race and sexuality. Answering calls for disability-inclusive emojis, the company is providing icons like an ear with a hearing aid, as well as people in wheel chairs, signing in sign language, holding canes, and sitting in wheel chairs.

Addressing another apparently common complaint, we'll be seeing mixed skin-tone and gender pairings in 2019, so that everyone can use the graphics to describe their families and relationships.

Plus, we're getting a one-piece bathing suit (responding to fashion's current disdain for the bikini?), butter, garlic, a white heart for you ice queens, and some cute furry things like a sloth, gorilla, flamingo and an otter. Check out the full list here and make sure to update your apps in the coming weeks.

Photos: Emojipedia Sample Image Collection

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