Zolita Threw a Gay Prom for 'Somebody I Fucked Once'

Zolita Threw a Gay Prom for 'Somebody I Fucked Once'

Zolita sure knows how to party.

On the heels of the release of her self-directed "Somebody I Fucked Once" video, the musician celebrated going viral by putting on a "Gay Prom" for all of her friends, which included big names like Rickey Thompson, Miles Heizer, Alexis G Zall, KITTENS, Ava Capri, Denzel Dion, KITTENS, Brittenelle Fredericks and Luna Montana.

Given the fabulous guest list though, it's no wonder Zolita wanted to throw one of the most stylish parties we've ever seen, transporting the music video's prom scene to a neon-lit LA bar she decorated with foil curtains, as well as an adorable backdrop that wouldn't be out of place at an actual high school dance.

But in between the sickening looks and how much fun the attendees had, the hot pink and glitter-filled gathering definitely blew our own proms out of the water. And while we don't know if they ended up spiking the punch at "Gay Prom," what we do know is we're obsessed with the party as much as we are with Zolita's character arc in "Somebody I Fucked Once."

And honestly, once you see the pictures, we have a feeling you'll feel the same exact way.

Photography: Breanna Lynn, Miles Heizer, Genevieve Andrews and Tatchi Ringsby
Still: Dimitri Tzoytzorakos (Courtesy of Zolita)