Zolita Is the Queen of Hearts

Zolita Is the Queen of Hearts

By Ivan GuzmanFeb 08, 2024

Zolita is a movie maker. Her cinematic queer experiences, like the viral “Fight Like a Girl” and “Somebody I F*cked Once,” are the cherry on top to her already lush sonic universes. “I tell sapphic love stories through my music videos, and I’m always brainstorming new settings and environments to tell those stories in.”

Her new music video for “Bloodstream,” premiering today on PAPER, is maybe the best yet. Featuring Kyra Green of Love Island US fame It tells the story of two contestants in a beauty pageant who, through the craziness of the whole pageant circuit, end up falling in love. “In 2022 when I heard the news of Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina getting married, my gears started turning,” she says. “I couldn’t stop thinking about their story. I was flooded with so many images of what must have went down.”

The track itself is a moody alt-pop number all about wanting to be connected with your lover in the deepest, most visceral way. “I wanna be in your bloodstream, run through your veins / I wanna know how it feels to be in your DNA,” she sings over glimmering guitars.

"I love making music that invokes nostalgia and I am endlessly inspired by early 2000s romcoms and the soundtracks that go along with them," Zolita says. "Someone recently commented that “Bloodstream” was very Michelle Branch and Liz Phair coded and that’s exactly the energy I was going for."

At the end of the day, Zolita says her "greatest strength is telling authentic stories that resonate with queer audiences." There’s only more to come from the budding pop star and we can’t wait to hear where she's going.

Photography: Katia Temkin