Wendy Williams Is Apparently Filming a Reality Show

Wendy Williams Is Apparently Filming a Reality Show

by Joan Summers

The queen of gossip is back on the scene.

Wendy Williams has once again hit the streets of New York to film a mystery project according to a new tip in Page Six. Sources tell the gossip outlet that Wendy was seen at Fresco by Scotto on Tuesday “holding court” and filming with a crew.

One source claims, "Basically it was a regular night… and then all of the sudden the Wendy Williams train arrived." Another tells the outlet, "She had a huge crew that basically turned Fresco by Scotto into a movie set… approximately 30 people in the crew. Lights, cameras, audio, producers, etc. [It] looked like a reality show."

Page Six’s source adds that in "one of the scenes," the former daytime talk show mogul had dinner with a friend "with her big personality waving at all the guests, like they were extras in her movie."

The Sunclaims that the camera crews and her recent outings are indeed part of a television production involving Wendy. One source confirmed the rumors that "Wendy is filming a reality show. She rocked up to New York celebrity hotspot Fresco by Scotto and had a producer hand out Non-Disclosure Agreements to patrons.”

They source continued: "It wasn't like this was pre-planned. When you see the women on the Real Housewives, you see them just walk into places, but really production scouts out the restaurant in advance. They set it up, there are full permissions involved." The source also claimed that "Wendy just figured this is her favorite restaurant, so she just showed up! This did not look like a crew hired by a network, this feels like a very homemade reality show."

Wendy’s historic run on The Wendy Williams Show abruptly ended in June 2022, when the platform was passed on to successor Sherri Shepherd. At the time, various reports claimed there was a widespread mishandling of the host’s legacy and platform amid an increasingly public health battle with Graves disease and lymphedema, which saw her take multiple hiatuses in previous years.

Last year, she was also placed in a puzzling financial guardianship by her bank Wells Fargo. At the time, Wendy claimed there was misconduct at play in how she lost control of her finances and livelihood.

More recently, Wendy has advertised her return to the gossip circuit with an upcoming podcast, The Wendy Experience.

Photo via Getty/ Gotham