Wendy Williams Is Back for Real (Maybe)

Wendy Williams Is Back for Real (Maybe)

Somebody sound the Wendy Williams alarm.

Reps for the gossip maven and iconic daytime host exclusively told Page Six that she has "several projects" in the pipeline. According to her rep, her upcoming podcast, The Wendy Experience, is "still in the works." They did not, however, announce a release date of any sort.

The rep added: “Right now Wendy is working on several projects… She is ready to get things rolling and get back to being Wendy Williams."

Most importantly, Williams is focused on "her overall wellness." As previously revealed by the host, she's battled a combination of lymphedema and Graves disease, which causes swelling in her arms and legs as well as a form of hyperthyroidism, which can cause bulging eyes, anxiety, hyperactivity and sleep difficulties.

Last week, Williams was seen out and about at Fresco by Scotto in NYC, where she filmed what onlookers described as a "reality show" seemingly about her life after her daytime reign.

A source described the scene to The Sun: "Wendy is filming a reality show. She rocked up to New York celebrity hotspot Fresco by Scotto and had a producer hand out Non-Disclosure Agreements to patrons." They added that "Wendy just figured this is her favorite restaurant, so she just showed up! This did not look like a crew hired by a network, this feels like a very homemade reality show."

Another source told Page Six that Williams "had a huge crew that basically turned Fresco by Scotto into a movie set… approximately 30 people in the crew. Lights, cameras, audio, producers, etc. [It] looked like a reality show."

The potential reality show and podcast comeback would mark Williams' official return to the spotlight after her daytime slot was ceded to successor Sherri Shepherd in June 2022.

Photo via Johnny Nunez/Getty