Enjoy These Lovely Serenades by Paris Hilton, Kim Petras and More

Enjoy These Lovely Serenades by Paris Hilton, Kim Petras and More

Hi! Are you in love? If not, are you casually looking for it, or are you closer to just straight-up desperate? Even if you are single and independent AF and feel in your heart of hearts that you don't need no new friends, no matter what, we've got you. Here are a few new songs out today from some of your faves that somehow capture all of the above. Because love is a beauteous, twisted thing. #urwelcome

Our dearly beloved Paris is back, new album forthcoming (!!!) and letting us know that profound neediness — that singular trait in others that no one seems to want — can actually be a lovely thing. Who knew that simply wanting be part of someone's every day *and holiday* could sound so tender? Listen here.

"I Need You" cruises on a sweetly breathy vocal performance from Ms. Hilton, and the equally featherlight doo-wop arrangement. It signals a refreshing sonic direction for the pop culture icon, who made a series of criminally underrated club-pop bangers, sex, and love jams with 2006's Paris. But truly, how kind of her to gift us with this on a day that can historically be miserable, and three days before her own birthday. Serious Forever Bless.

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Next up, we celebrate LA's Finest, Kim Petras, who dropped the glorious "Heart To Break" today. It's all about surrendering to the power of a crush: "One look at you, I'm powerless / I feel my body saying yes / Where's my self-control," croons Petras over a fizzy bubblegum-pop groove. A toast to the hopeless romantics? No shade, but we don't mean Patron Saint of Hopeless Romantics Taylor Swift, sorry. Kim made this for us and we are so grateful.

Japanese singer-songwriter Rina Sawayama heals hearts worldwide with fresh-as-hell new single "Valentine (What's It Gonna Be)." Our verdict? Upon first listen, it's an act of pop-music witchcraft and wizardry. Multiple spins reveal a complex song packed to the gills with delicious earworm-y melodies and a futuristic revision of slinky R&B bedroom jams. Done in three-and-a-half minutes, naturally.

Oh! And last but certainly not least, 6LACK comes hard with the forlorn trap-and-B cut "Cutting Ties." This is for the loners out there. Ricardo Valdez Valentine (FITTING!) tweeted that the gorgeous melodic tune is for those of us who aren't booed up. Like, it's ok!

No matter what your plans are for the day — just know that there is a range of feels (each under 4 minutes) today made by artists who love you. Please take it from me, a Very Emotional Person: it is okay to feel all of them.