Trisha Paytas Responds to Antisemitism Accusations

Trisha Paytas Responds to Antisemitism Accusations

Trisha Paytas has apologized for an offensive comment about Jewish people.

Amid the drama of their Frenemies exit, the social media personality took to Twitter to share since-deleted screenshots of texts allegedly sent to former podcast co-host, Ethan Klein, in September 2020. And though the images were initially posted to defend themself against criticism of their on-air argument with the H3H3 star over compensation, another message in the conversation also appeared to show Trisha responding with a reference to the harmful stereotype that Jewish people are greedy.

For context, Trisha was replying to Ethan proposing a "60/40" earnings split of what seems to be their Frenemies earnings for production costs, rather than the previously agreed upon "55/45" figure. Ethan then said he was joking, before adding that he knew it was "lame," to which Trisha said, "Omg I was so Jewy." Notably, both Ethan and Moses Hacmon — Ethan's brother-in-law and Trisha's fiancé — are Jewish.

Following subsequent accusations of racism and antisemitism, Trisha later returned to Twitter to apologize for the texts, writing that, "It was my sense of humor at the time. And it was a repeated joke I made at the time – it wasn't malicious but it's still gross."

"It was only this year on an episode did Ethan explain to me why it's offensive to stereotype jewish people as cheap. Like it never really registered," they continued. However, Trisha later added that they while they were "so sorry for using that term," they were also offended by "an article about me being an anti-Semite while I'm currently converting for the sake of my marriage and children."

"Like I am a lot of things, I have a lot of issues but I am not racist or anti-Semitic," Trisha went on to say. "As soon as he told me there was an issue with what I was saying I stopped. To say we didn't have an offensive banter is ridiculous." They then contended that Ethan was "the only person" they allowed to call them "crazy and fat all the time," because "that was the banter."

"But damn to really take that and paint me as anti Semitic like is extreme. It was gross and wrong but not hostile," Trisha continued. "Antisemitism is hostility or discrimination against Jewish people. That was obviously a joke in the text, a poor one at that, it wasn't malicious. If I discriminated against Jewish people that would mean I don't work with them and I sure as hell wouldn't be marrying into it."

However, Trisha then followed up by saying they were sorry, adding that they were trying to "[acknowledge] everything that's being thrown my way."

"I'm not hiding from things or running away - im trying to address things head on to de-escalate," they said. "Being silent means being guilty in my book. And I will clarify if I need, apologize til I'm blue in the face , I've always done that and I will continue to."

Granted, Trisha — who quit Frenemies earlier this week after a fight with Ethan — has also previously been criticized for past comments about Jewish people, including another argument with Ethan about their "rating my Jew lunch" video, amongst other things.

See Trisha's apology, below.

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